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Aquamation - Water Based Cremation Service

For an Aquamation cremation your pet’s remains are handled individually, with great care! We’re able to return the remains of your pet to you in either a scatter box or choose from our urn selection.

Aquamation Logo - Water Based Cremation with Precious Pet Cemetery

An Eco-Friendly Alternative To Flame Cremation And Burial

Aquamation - Water Based Cremation Pricing

Although Aquamation is new to our area it has been around for over 30 years.


We are proud to be the first in the Maritimes to offer this eco-friendly service to our customers.


This process results for 25-30% more ash being returned allowing for all of the same keepsakes and memorabilia.

Please contact us to make arrangements for our Aquamation Cremation Service or any of our other services.


We are always willing to talk during this difficult time.

Individual Aquamation pricing is as follows:


Pocket Pet $120.75

Feline & Rabbits $155.25

Canine (Up to 15lbs) $224.25

Canine (16 – 30lbs) $250.70

Canine (31 – 75lbs) $285.20

Canine (76 – 95lbs) $326.60

Canine (96 – 120lbs) $414.00

Canine (121+lbs )$546.25

  • Residential removal is $45.00 within the town of Antigonish and $45.00 plus $.70/km outside of Antigonish town limits.

  • Prices above do not include HST.

  • Payment Plans are available, please contact us for more information.

  • Veterinary Clinic pick up is included on our regular schedule for clinics partnering with PPC

  • Additional charges may apply for pick ups at clinics not yet partnered with PPC



We will do our best to work with you to come up with the personalization that best suits your needs.

Please allow up to 7 days for any personalized tags or photos. This is simply to allow us to ensure this is done to the perfection both you and your pet deserve.

View our urns and memorabilia here

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