Private Cremation

For a private cremation your pet’s remains are handled individually, with great care! We’re able to return the remains of your pet to you in either a scatter box or choose from our urn selection.

If you have contacted us directly we will be in touch to arrange a suitable time to meet. In the case of those individuals who were dealing directly with one of the many veterinary clinics we deal with, the remains of your departed pet will be carefully packaged and returned to the veterinary clinic.

At Precious Pet Cemetery we take our responsibility of handling the remains of your beloved pet very seriously. We use a carefully designed tracking system to ensure that every pet which is privately cremated departs our facility and matched up to their owner.

Private Cremation Services

Please contact us to make arrangements for our Private Cremation Service or any of our other services. We are always willing to talk during this difficult time.


Pocket Pet $120.75
Feline & Rabbits $155.25
Canine (Up to 15lbs) $224.25
Canine (16 – 30lbs) $250.70
Canine (31 – 75lbs) $285.20
Canine (76 – 95lbs) $326.60
Canine (96 – 120lbs) $414.00
Canine (121+lbs) $546.25
  • Residential removal is $45.00 within the town of Antigonish and $45.00 plus $.70/km outside of Antigonish town limits.
  • Clients are also welcome to take their pets directly to our home as well for aftercare service, which in some circumstances is less expensive for the same service.
  • Prices above do not include HST.
  • Payment Plans are available, please contact us for more information.


Depending on the photo requested, words can also be embedded on the photo. We will do our best to work with you to come up with the personalization that best suits your needs.

Please allow up to 4 days for any personalized tags or photos. This is simply to allow us to ensure this is done to the perfection both you and your pet deserve.

Small Oak Urns - 35lb

Size Available: 1,2, & 3
Holds up to a 35lb pet

$140 + HST

Large Oak Urns - 200lbs

Sizes Available: 4 & 5
Holds up to a 200lb pet

$190.00 + HST

Small Personalized Wooden Urn

Wooden Urn with 4 1/4 inch square personalized title insert onto top. Holds up to approx. 30lb pet.

$165.00 + HST


100% biodegradable urn which includes everything you need to have your beloved pet live on through a tree. For more information please watch the video below or feel free to contact us with any questions

$139.95 + HST

Large Personalized Wooden Urn

Wooden Urn with 4 1/4 inch square personalized title insert onto top. Holds up to approx. 70lb pet.

$175.00 + HST


Provided at No Cost


Unsealed Tins
Holds up to approx. 35lb pet

$15.00 + HST

Personalized Shields

Add a personal touch to our tin urns with these unique engraving ideas.

Shields – $10.00 +HST
Shield with disc- $12.00 + HST

To view more Urns and Memorabilia please click here

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