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Stephen and Michelle van de Wiel
142 Bouchard Rd, Antigonish
Nova Scotia
B2G 2K8
902-318-5500 or 902-870-2544

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We are adjacent to Beaver Mountain Park.

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Communal Cremation

Depending on the time of year the ashes of your pet will either be scattered on our peaceful country property overlooking the Antigonish Highlands or placed in our communal cemetery.

Communal Burial

Precious Pet Cemetery - Dog

Your pet will be interred in our communal plot in the hills of Antigonish County, surrounded by peaceful, open fields and a beautiful view of Antigonish County.

Private Cremation

The preferred method of aftercare for many people, private cremation provides you with the ashes of your pet back after the cremation process has been carried out.

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