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Communal Cremation

During communal cremations your pet will finish its journey alongside other beloved animals. The ashes of your faithful companion will either be scattered on our peaceful country property overlooking the rolling hills of Antigonish or placed in our communal graveyard, depending on the time of year.

Due to the nature of this service we are unable to return the ashes of your pet to you.

Gallery of our memorabilia!

Communal Cremation Services

Please contact us to make arrangements for our Communal Cremation Service or any of our other services. We are always willing to talk during this difficult time.

Pocket Pet $20.00
Feline $35.00
Canine (Up to 25lbs) $48.00
Canine  (26 Р49lbs) $58.00
Canine (50 – 70lbs) $2.00 / lb
Canine (70+ lbs) $2.50 / lb
  • Residential removal is $35.00 within the town of Antigonish and $35.00 plus 40 cents per km outside of Antigonish town limits.
  • Clients can drop pets off at our home as well.
  • Prices above do not include HST.
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