Communal Burial

Private Burial available Summer 2019.

Located on the rolling hills of Beaver Mountain, our Communal Burial Cemetery overlooks the fields, forests, and streams of Antigonish County, sweeping off to the East towards Cape Breton. Allow us the honor of putting your beloved pet to rest in the very surroundings they would have enjoyed so much in life. Peaceful and private, our Communal Burial Cemetery has no markers or stones to denote each pets final resting place – only the beauty of nature and the great outdoors.

For those individuals looking to mark the final resting place of their beloved pet we suggest inquiring about our Private Burial Services.

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Communal Burial Services

Please contact us to make arrangements for our Communal Burial Service or any of our other services. We are always willing to talk during this difficult time.

Pocket Pet $10.00
Feline $35.00
Canine (Up to 25lbs) $25.00
Canine (26 – 49lbs) $30.00
Canine (50 – 70lbs) $1.00 / lb
Canine (70+ lbs) $1.50 / lb
  • Residential removal is $35.00 within Antigonish. .40 cents per km outside of Antigonish.
  • Clients can drop pets off at our home as well.
  • Prices above do not include HST.

Communal Cremation

Depending on the time of year the ashes of your pet will either be scattered on our peaceful country property overlooking the Antigonish Highlands or placed in our communal cemetery.

Communal Burial

Precious Pet Cemetery - Dog

Your pet will be interred in our communal plot in the hills of Antigonish County, surrounded by peaceful, open fields and a beautiful view of Antigonish County.

Private Cremation

The preferred method of aftercare for many people, private cremation provides you with the ashes of your pet back after the cremation process has been carried out.

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